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With hundreds of built-in marketing tools designed to help you sell more

Targeted email marketing and drip campaigns

drip campaigns
Send newsletters and offers to your customers or to special groups of customers.
You can even send timed email drip campaign messages to customers which
will deliver N number of days after you’ve shipped their package!
Follow with a second email X number of days later to offer a
promotional discount on their second purchase.

Turn shoppers into lifetime customers

10% off

Promotions & coupons

Whether you need to set up a “Get 10% Off” coupon for orders over a certain amount or “Get $10 Off” orders from a specific category, 3dcart has you covered. By combining different rules and offers, you have unlimited freedom to craft the promotion that will get you more sales!

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Gift cards

Gift cards

Allow your customers to purchase and deliver gift cards that can be used for future purchases in your store!

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Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Your customers can sign up to become affiliates and earn a referral commission on the sales they bring in. We took care of all the complex tracking; paying your affiliates is easy breezy.

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Tell a friend

Tell a friend

This feature makes it dead simple for visitors to recommend your products to their friends. You can even customize the layout of the email, giving you the ability to provide a coupon code for sharing amongst friends!

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Reward program

Earn customer loyalty with our
points-based reward program

A great way to keep your customers engaged! Award points to your shoppers for each purchase made & allow those points to be used in your store as currency!

Reward your customers

Give points to your customers automatically for orders placed in your store. Points-per-dollar multiplier can be set globally and at the product level, or give a set number of points for specific products.

Redeemable products

Get full control over which products can be redeemed, which cannot be redeemed and the number of points needed to redeem each product.

Give bonus points

Normally reward points will be accrued by your customers as they spend money at your store. However, you can also manually award points to individual customer as needed.

Bonus points promotions

Create marketing promotions that awards extra reward points to customers for buying from a specific category, ordering certain quantity, or even spending an order amount.

Purchase with reward points

Returning customers can easily purchase with their reward points directly from product pages with the click of a button.

Send reminders to customers

With our SmartLists for marketing newsletters, you can automatically contact customers who have remaining balances or have accrued Reward Points.

Create the perfect Gift Registry

Help your customers prepare for life’s big moments, like the arrival of a new baby or a June wedding, with gift registries. Shareable with friends and family, gift registries make it easy for customers to organize and share a list of their favorite or most desired products, helping in turn to bring increased traffic and sales to your online store.

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Reach your goals with the Marketing Checklist

Use our comprehensive Marketing Checklist to expand your store’s online presence and SEO. Perfect for SEO beginners and veterans alike, your checklist presents a wide assortment of Internet marketing tasks, allowing you to easily learn, organize, and implement important tactics and tools crucial to your business’s success.


Dominate the search engines

Designed with SEO in mind to get you ahead of the competition

Dominate the search engines

Entire Store is Search Engine Optimized

From the home page to category, product, blog, and content pages; every facet of your site has been optimized for search engines.

Google Analytics

Universal Google Analytics with eCommerce Tracking is built right in! Simply enter your Google Analytics account ID and you’re good to go.

Built in SEO optimized Blog

Includes a fully functional blogging content management system with which you can publish your own articles right from your store!

Advanced SEO Tools

Sitemap builder, Canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Custom File Names, Robots.txt editor, Dynamic Meta tags - Everything you need to make your store search engine optimized!

Advanced store statistics

Quickly see which items sell the most, your store’s most active categories, best customers, best days of the week, and more!

Sell on mobile, sell socially, sell everywhere

Dominate the search engines

Social network integration

Sell on Facebook, get your items pinned on Pinterest, provide an easy way for shoppers to share your products with their friends!

Free advertising credits

We've partnered with Facebook, Amazon, and Bing to provide you with free credits to get your advertising campaigns started!

Sell everywhere

Sell Online, on eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Shopzilla, and many more.

Grow your online business with our sell more tools

A suite of tools to help you sell more every day in your store