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Selling on Facebook with 3dcart

Reach more customers by connecting Facebook and your 3dcart store

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With 2 billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook is by far the largest social media platform around. Over half those users log into their accounts every day, making Facebook the perfect venue for attracting customers and making more sales. With 3dcart, you can connect your store completely to Facebook, taking full advantage of all its features.

Open your Facebook Shop

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Connect your 3dcart store to your Facebook Business Page by installing 3dcart's Facebook Shop app. A new Shop tab will appear on your Business Page, allowing visitors to shop directly from your social media presence and giving you a new way to reach millions of potential customers.

Shop now

You'll have product images and pricing visible right on your store's page, ready for the customer to click and buy. With only a few minutes of setup, you can have a fully functional online store contained within your Facebook Business Page and completely integrated with your store on the 3dcart platform. Customers, sales, and inventory remain synchronized, and changes you make in your 3dcart store transfer immediately to products in your Facebook Shop.

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The checkout process is performed through your 3dcart store, allowing customers to benefit from Single-Page Checkout and other convenient features— as well as providing you with an opportunity to encourage the customer to browse other parts of your website.

Reach the Right Customers with Facebook Dynamic Ads

dynamic ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads serve ultra-targeted, precise advertising directly to customers whose profile and browsing history suggest their potential interest in a specific product. End guesswork and manual ad targeting, and leverage the power of social media to show the right ads to the right people. You'll have access to full-featured reporting to help you gauge the effectiveness of your advertising.