3dcart POS for the stadium

Stadium eats from the seats

Point of Sale App

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…

With 3dcart POS, fans never have to miss a second of the game’s action. Servers can dish out tasty stadium fare, process orders, and email or print receipts right at an attendee’s seat. Sports fans can skip long, winding lines that cut into game time and focus their attention where it’s needed most: on the field.

Point of Sale Cards

Fast service, higher satisfaction

Maximize efficiency during peak hours and cater to the needs of the sports devoted with a flexible system that allows you to accept cash, credit card, check, split payment, and more, right from your iPad! Reap big rewards and boost customer satisfaction with the ability to serve countless customers quickly, easily, and efficiently.

3dcart POS system is designed for your business

Take control with all the hardware you need

Point of Sale Complete

Flexible payment

Offer customers greater flexibility with multiple payment options. Accept credit card, cash, check, split payment and more.

Customer focused

Deliver a memorable, tailored shopping experience to every customer: email or print receipts and customize any specialty order.

Cut down lines

Minimize long lines, wait times and offer an exceptional customer service with memorable face-to-face service.

POS hardware

Customize your point of sale system with the hardware you need: standard barcode scanner, register drawer and/or printer.

Shift management

Maximize efficiency and take control of your business with the ability to designate staff shifts and track each user’s sales history.

Automatic and secure

Your orders and inventory are automatically synced and backed in the cloud, whether your sales are made online or offline.

New 3dcart dashboard

Managing your business is easier than ever

3dcart has everything you need to sell online, offline, and on-the-go

Run your business from your phone, tablet, or point of sale, with access to the latest tools, technology and reports. 3dcart’s all-in-one scalable solution allows you to efficiently manage your online and offline business anywhere the road may take you. Grow and expand with the freedom and flexibility only 3dcart can offer.