3dcart POS for your grocery store

Deliver the freshest grocery experience

Point of Sale App

A grocery trip to remember

Build lasting customer relationships with a fast and easy checkout experience that will have your customers whipping up delicious creations in no time at all. With 3dcart POS, customers can shop for their favorite groceries, pay, and receive their receipt in just seconds – whether in the produce section or the candy aisle!

Point of Sale Cards

Deliciousness Customized

With 3dcart POS, you can accept credit cards, cash, split payment, and customize orders on the fly. Need to add a custom item to an order? No problem! Email or print receipts for a fast, convenient shopping experience, allowing customers to quickly get to where their stomachs need them – the kitchen!

3dcart POS system is designed for your business

Take control with all the hardware you need

Point of Sale Complete

Convenient transactions

Accept the payment methods your customers want to use: split payments, checks, credit cards, cash, and more.

Better customer service

Give customers the service they'll love by offering a tailored experience with custom orders and choice of receipt.

Cut down the lines

Remember how much you hate waiting in line forever, only to be greeted by a surly cashier? Here's your chance to do it right.

Versatile POS hardware

Add a cash drawer, standard barcode scanner, and receipt printer to completely customize your point of sale system.

Set and monitor shifts

Keep efficient control with staff shift designations and the ability to track the sales history of all your employees.

Automated sync and security

Keep your online and offline inventory and orders coordinated with automatic synchronization and cloud backup.

New 3dcart dashboard

Every business needs a strong foundation

3dcart has established solid pathways for businesses to follow and grow

Maintain and grow your business in any environment, using your tablet, smartphone, or point of sale with constant access to 3dcart's innovative tools and reports. With 3dcart's complete, scalable solution, you can efficiently manage both the online and offline parts of your business with ease. 3dcart brings you all you need to succeed and grow.