Morgan Sports Sales Nearly Triple After Joining 3dcart

Morgan Sports, based in Shellharbour, NSW, Australia, is an industry-leading wholesaler and supplier of combat sports and functional fitness equipment since 1988. In their 5 short years with 3dcart, Morgan Sports has triumphed in big ways; their sales have nearly tripled, their catalog has grown to include more than 1500 products, and their products have been prominently featured in MMA, boxing and fitness magazines worldwide.

A Gap Down Under

Like many businesses, Morgan Sports came to be after its founder recognized an untapped gap in the market; there werent any Australia-owned companies supplying high-quality combat sports and functional fitness equipment. After extensive market research and analyzing US and European trends, founder Aly Suleman started putting together an extensive product catalog. Soon after, at only 19 years old, Aly and Morgan Sports rang in their very first sale from a cold call.

Operations only got bigger from there with the company acquiring import suppliers based in China, Taiwan, India, and Pakistan in addition to in-house manufacturing units. Yet despite their newfound success, Aly realized there was a key ingredient missing in their plan ? something that was stopping them from reaching customers far and wide; they didnt have an online presence.

Morgan Sports unknowingly started an exciting new chapter in their businesss life when they decided to launch their very first online store with 3dcart, a decision that couldnt have come at a better time. In just one year with 3dcart, company sales nearly doubled, and Aly knew Morgan Sports, and its future, would never be the same again.

Growing with New Tools and New Leads

Since the launch of their online store nearly 5 years ago, Morgan Sports has expanded in just about every way feasible. On a daily basis, goods are shipped Australia-wide using a number of freight companies and services ranging from 1kg satchel bags to 1 ton pallets. Leads too are coming in from every direction, with substantial traffic now the result of high-quality SEO, word-of-mouth, and industry based referrals.

To meet the growing needs of their customers, Morgan Sports has come to rely on the services and tools provided by 3dcart. In addition to using many of 3dcarts built-in features, Aly places heavy emphasis on the importance of Order Fulfillment and Autoresponders for his wholesale business.

Morgan Sports has also used many of 3dcarts professional services to help grow and improve their online store, including Apps, Themes, 3dcarts Responsive Design Service, and the myWebmaster Service.

The Road Ahead

Although Aly admits its difficult staying on top of eCommerce trends, hes confident that with the help of 3dcart, hell always have access to the tools and features needed to stay on top of the sports and fitness world.

3dcart is just a great, high-quality product. Im not only able to manage my store with ease, but customers find the website very easy to navigate and use as well, says Aly. We have just launched a new website with 3dcart, and within the first 48 hours of going live, weve seen sales and user interaction increase by about 25%. What we had invested to re-designing our store was paid back to us within the first day of trading!

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