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How Software-as-a-Service Benefits Online Merchants

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SaaS Benefits for 3dcart Customers

For 3dcart customers, eCommerce SaaS offers big benefits.

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Save Money

If you build a large online store, you'll need lots of room to store all of that data. In the past, large ecommerce websites were obliged to buy their own servers to increase their storage space. Today, there's software-as-a-service ecommerce from 3dcart.

With SaaS ecommerce platforms, the data you collect is stored in the cloud. Yes, you pay for hosting—but the cost is much less than owning your own server, a responsibility that includes maintenance, updates and (of course) the cost of the hardware itself.

Don't forget: hosting in the cloud also gives you the opportunity to pay as you go, instead of making a huge upfront investment. Last but not least, you'll save big bucks on the extra IT staff or outside consultants you'd need to manage everything.

Save Time

Maintenance of servers takes time. So does updating your software. Ditto for getting servers and hardware installed and set up before you get off the ground. Dealing with issues that arise from managing on-premise systems takes a huge amount of time—and you're left to deal with these items on your own.

Saving time means freeing up resources for more pressing issues (like marketing your business, for instance).

Anywhere Access

Software-as-a-service eCommerce means you can access your online store from anywhere, completely on the fly. That means a more efficient system that includes mobile access. It also means that your staff can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

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